Cyber Score

The Cyber Score is an innovative methodology developed and patented by SDL, enabling companies to assess both the level of maturity and the risk in cybersecurity. This approach can be applied at the company level or to specific products, systems, or solutions.

About Cyber ​​Score

The methodology was designed in an accessible language, aiming to enable investors, advisors, and executives to understand their companies’ level of compliance with global best practices and security policies. Additionally, it allows tracking their evolution as new controls are implemented by technical areas to mitigate risks.

The Cyber Score is based on regulations, best practices, and security policies published by globally respected agencies and organizations such as NIST, ENISA, ANSSI, ETSI, FIDO, and SEC, among others. The questions that form the assessments are drawn from one or more documents published by the leading regulatory bodies or standard-setting entities.

All assessments are conducted online, and upon completion, the company receives a comprehensive report containing its Cyber Score.

The report also includes suggestions for implementing controls that will enable the company to improve its level of maturity in cybersecurity, starting with the most critical and less complex controls to implement, and progressing to more complex ones. We develop and integrate complementary solutions from different manufacturers and integrators, helping companies reduce their areas of exposure to cyber-attacks.

Your Cyber Score

Each control receives a score, according to the level of criticality, divided into 3 scales:

Critical, Important and Desirable.

Non Compliance

Controls are also classified by level of implementation complexity, divided into:

High, Medium and Low complexity.

Level of Complexity


The SDL team certifies consulting firms, law offices, technology integrators, among others, enabling them to apply the Cyber Score in sensitive businesses and government entities concerned about the constant and growing cyber threats.


For Consultants or for Companies that wish to carry out numerous assessments.

Year € 2.875,00 + taxes

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  • 1 Technical training (according to the chosen Assessment)
  • 5 Users
  • 20 Assessments


For Consultants or for Companies that wish to carry out numerous assessments.

Year € 3.875,00 + taxes

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  • 1 Technical training (according to the chosen Assessment)
  • 10 Users
  • 40 Assessments

Available Assessments

We have six available assessments that cover the Corporate, Healthcare, as well as mobile devices and connected devices (IoT) markets.

Sectoral Research in Cybersecurity

In collaboration with Abrasca (Association of Publicly Traded Companies), we conducted the pioneering sectoral research that assessed the level of cybersecurity maturity among publicly traded companies in Brazil. A total of 109 companies participated in the study, revealing a maturity index of 49% concerning best practices in cybersecurity.

Upon completing the fields below, you will receive, via the provided email, the Comprehensive Research Report and the Guide to Best Practices and Security Policies. This material is crafted in a language accessible to executives and advisors, aiming to provide valuable insights for enhancing cybersecurity within your organization.

Complete Cybersecurity Sector Survey report for executives and board members

Guide to cybersecurity best practices and policies for executives and board members

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