The Security Design Lab (SDL) is a Collaboration Network between Research Entities, Innovation Centers, Competitiveness Poles, governments, and companies.

Founded in 2021, its purpose is to foster debates and promote the exchange of experiences to spread knowledge about best practices, policies, standards and regulations in cybersecurity.

Through a practical approach and exchange of experiences, the SDL emerges as a point of convergence for companies, governments, technology manufacturers, and research and development centers.

SDL allows technology manufacturers, companies, and governments to assess their cybersecurity maturity levels, whether at the Corporate level or at the product or solution level.

SDL’s goal is to facilitate access by companies, governments, and technology manufacturers to the latest recommendations and regulations from the world’s leading standard-setting agencies, following best practices in cybersecurity.

Find the assessment that best suits your Industry and discover your Cyber ​​Score.

The SDL focus on ensuring privacy and security in highly distributed environments, bringing intelligent solutions for:



Secure device management

Secure device

Artificial Intelligence applied research

Artificial Intelligence
applied research

H2M & M2M digital interaction

H2M & M2M
digital interaction

Mobile Edge computing

Mobile Edge

Quantum cybersecurity


Internet of Everything

Internet of

Supported by

How can I benefit from the Lab?

Technology – What to Expect

Main Security Items to be Tested

A Laboratory is an ideal environment for experimenting and proposing something new. To innovate is part of the Security Design Lab core mission, and cybersecurity technology is our ground.

Companies and Governments face many challenges to make their environment safe, focusing on their core. At SDL, the team has selected some cybersecurity areas to research, explore, and deploy solutions to the most common issues, focusing on prevention rather than detection and mitigation.

What we cover at the moment:

Authentication and authorization

Authentication and

Endpoint protection

Endpoint protection



Critical systems and device access management

Critical systems and device
access management

Secure Communications

Secure Communications

Eliminate default passwords on devices

Eliminate default
passwords on devices

Zero trust technological environment

Zero trust technological

There is room to introduce new subjects, like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Cloud Security. The growth will happen as members and projects come.

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