We’ve eliminated passwords, enhancing user experience and reducing companies’ exposure to the primary vector of cyber attacks.

We protect against some of the main attacks

MFA fatigue
MFA fatigue




Credential Stealing
Credential Stealing

Solution General Architecture

Security Layers

Standard Access

Polícies and Guidelines

Passwordless Authentication

HSM (Hardware Security Model)

Auto fill

Encrypted Tunnel (TLS) and Reverse Tunnel


Secure Acess

Value Proposition

01 Credentials

Remove credentials from the organization’s workforce and supply chain

02 Auto Fill

Automatic credential filling in web systems, without user interference

03 Revocation/
Authorization/ Sanitation

Ease to revoke user access, as the new accesses authorization. User base cleanup, eliminating ghost accounts

04 VPN

No need to use VPN, eliminating a critical risk and reducing cost;

05 Policies and Guideline

The organization starts to have an Access Management policy, aligned with the world’s best security practices

06 Passwordless

User authentication on the platform occurs without a password, using the user’s biometrics, with a guarantee of non-repudiation;

07 Audit

Audited accesses, complying with data protection access regulations;

08 Management

Management of all critical systems occurs centrally, reducing operation overhead

09 Cost Reduction

Potential cost cut of some services, reducing the number of credentials.