Eliminate the use of passwords on web systems by avoiding phishing and malware attacks, responsible for violations such as credential theft and data leaks.

We protect against some of the main attacks

MFA fatigue
MFA fatigue




Credential Theft
Credential Theft

Solution General Architecture

Solution General Architecture

Security Layers

Standard Authentication

Identity Provider

Passwordless Authentication


Easy integration into different web systems*

Secure Authentication

Value Proposition

01 Identity Provider

The organization becomes an Identity Provider, fully managing its user access.

02 Passwordless

Organizations’ clients start accessing web services without the need for passwords, using their facial biometrics or fingerprint.

03 Revocation/
Authorization/ Sanitation

Ease to revoke user access, as the new accesses authorization. User base cleanup, eliminating ghost accounts

04 Usability

Improved usability, as the clients do not need to manage multiple passwords.

05 Policies and Guideline

The organization starts having an Access and Management policy aligned with the world’s best security practices.

06 Management

Management of all users occurs centrally, reducing operational overhead

07 Reduces Fraud

Eliminating the risks of phishing and malware attacks as well as credential theft

08 Cost Reduction

Eliminates the need for password recovery

09 Easy Integration

Ease of providing new services